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Employee monitoring, keylogger software, keystroke recording for Mac OS X
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Monitor all employee activity! All applications and keyboard usage, all keystrokes and visited website addresses. Get iSight shots and capture and worktime screenshots.

DutyWatch Remote
ActyMac DutyWatch Remote is a complex solution for remote computer monitoring of users activities. You can view reports online using Safari or iPhone/iPod Touch. You can use it to control the activities of employees or to watch over your children chatting on the net. Its wide functionality is equally fit for professional and private use. Even with scores of office Mac's, it's easy to know what people do during their work hours.

As a stealth monitoring and recording application KeystrokesWatch is worked out to create a digital record of keyboard activity including instant message chats, web sites manually typed in the search field, notes written, and amount of time spent on the computer. This extra backup recovery utility will help you to easily restore lost text, which was typed yesterday, the day before yesterday, or weeks ago. By continuously using ActyMac KeystrokesWatch you will save time by preventing accidental data damage and loss.

ActyMac DutyWatch is a complex solution for computer monitoring of user activities for Mac OS X. You can use it to control the activities of employees or to watch over your children chatting on the net. Its wide functionality is equally fit for professional and private use. Even with scores of office Mac's, it's easy to know what people do during their work hours.

Screenshots Remote
Screenshot Remote allows to take screenshots of the monitor of your home computer or even of the computers which are in your office. Moreover you can do it remotely by using iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch.

VidShots Remote    VidShots Remote

VidShots Remote
Mac OS X
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1. Download VidShots Remote for Mac from 

2. Run the actymac-vidshots-remote.dmg file from the desktop or download location. 

3. In the ActyMac VidShots Remote window, double click the Install.pkg file. 

4. Follow the prompts to complete the install. 

5. After installation you may delete the actymac-vidshots-remote.dmg file from your desktop. 

VidShots Remote for Mac is installed and ready to use. 

Set Preferences for ActyMac VidShots Remote 

To start taking screen and camera shots of your Mac, set the general preferences to begin the work. 

The first time you use the program, screenshots list will stay empty in the main VidShots Remote window until you complete specifying its work. Use the Preferences panel at the bottom of the Main window to select how VidShots Remote should work. 

General Preferences 

Click General tab to select the main preferences. 

1. Check Enable taking screenshots and Enable iSight photo checkboxes in order to start capturing screen and camera shots. 

2. Choose the frequency of screenshots taking (screenshots can be captured every 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 30, or 60 minutes). 

3. Determine the period of data storage (1, 2, 3, 6, 9 or 12 months). 

4. Click OK to confirm your choice. 

Now when your Mac computer is switched on, ActyMac VidShots Remote is activated in accordance with set preferences. 

If you want to delete all recorded data, click Data Cleanup Now button on the General Preferences tab. 

Remote access 

Select Remote Access tab to set the details of the remote control of your Mac computer. The application permits you to check your Mac remotely (viewing screen and camera shots and online video) via iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch online. 

1. Name your Mac. 

2. Set your personal login. 

3. Enter the password. 

4. Click OK to confirm your choice. 

Specify time period 

VidShots Remote makes periodic screen captures of the computer desktops and takes photos from iSight camera. You can monitor computer screen during several hours or every day. Click the Specify time period button at the bottom of the Main window to make the appropriate settings. 

1. Use the calendar to set up the date of taking screenshots. 

2. Use the clock hands to select time range of data to display. 

3. Click OK to confirm your choice. 

VidShots Remote compiles the data for the selected time frame. 

Note: The unregistered version of VidShots Remote compiles the database only of the last four hours monitoring. 

View screenshots 

You can view ActyMac VidShots Remote captured desktop images and camera photos directly on the monitored computer. After all preferences made, the VidShots Remote main window lists the screenshots taken by the application. 

1. Click the Full View button at the lower left corner of the VidShots Remote main window to enlarge the image. 

2. Use the Refresh button at the bottom right corner of the VidShots Remote main window to update the data any time. 

iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone usage 

VidShots Remote for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad is software for monitoring Mac computer activity remotely. The application allows you to monitor a specific computer that has ActyMac VidShots Remote installed (view screen and camera shots as well as online video). 

NOTE: A Wi-Fi or 3G GPRS connection is required to perform the program on iPhone/ iPad /iPod Touch. 

Starting the application, setting the preferences 

1. To start the work of the application, launch VidShots Remote on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. 

2. Click the name of the computer you want to monitor. You can see the groups and names of computers in your network on the screen. If the computer was not found automatically or the computer’s name is inactive, click on the Refresh icon button in the left upper corner. 

3. To add a computer that has ActyMac VidShots Remote installed, click on the Plus button in the upper right corner. After you have filled in the required fields, press the Done button in the upper right corner. Clicking on the Trash Sign Icon button in the left down corner you will clear all entered information. Then choose a computer name and start monitoring. 

4. To change the settings of the computer that is monitored select arrow sign in front of the name of the computer, the preferences of which you want to edit. 

Screenshots browsing 

You can see the list of screenshots taken by VidShots Remote. Time and date, preview and the file type (screen or camera shot) are displayed in the screenshots list. 

1. Scroll the list of screenshots up or down to select and fully view any screenshot. The full view mode indicates the time and date of taken image. You can zoom it in or out, leaf through the screenshots using the arrow signs, or go back to the list of screenshots. 

2. Sort the list of screenshots by selecting Sort Images button. The images may be classified to the only screenshots group, camera shots group and the combined group of screen and camera shots both. 

3. In order to get the latest screenshots push Refresh list tab in the Sort Images drop-down list. 

4. To get the current screen of the selected Mac click Current Screen button above the screen. 

5. To get the current video from the selected Mac click Current Video button above the screen. 

Exporting screenshots 

VidShots Remote enables to send selected camera/screen shot by the e-mail. 

1. Click any image from the list of screenshots and move to the full view mode. 

2. Push Export button in the upper right corner and fill in the appropriate fields.












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