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Monitor all employee activity! All applications and keyboard usage, all keystrokes and visited website addresses, iSight capture and worktime ScreenShots

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Employee Monitoring

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ProteMac KeyBag

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ActyMac is a branch office of Intelus Ltd., Software Development Company that specializes in the production and distribution of Mac software and technologies. ActyMac was founded in 2007 as Protection and Monitoring Technology Company for Mac OS and since that time has become famous for its software development.

Since 2007 ActyMac has been developing and marketing Mac protecting and monitoring software for business and home users. The company offers different applications for recording, monitoring and protecting computers based on Mac OS X. Every product of ActyMac is evaluated to its fullest, from secure programming, concept and design.

The strategy and nature of our business is to improve the quality and features of our products, become more recognizable on professional security software market for protection and monitoring technology, attract new customers, increase productivity, reduce the cost to make the software available for business of any size, and come to be more high speed development oriented.








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