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Employee monitoring, keylogger software, keystroke recording for Mac OS X
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Monitor all employee activity! All applications and keyboard usage, all keystrokes and visited website addresses. Get iSight shots and capture and worktime screenshots.

As a stealth monitoring and recording application KeystrokesWatch is worked out to create a digital record of keyboard activity including instant message chats, web sites manually typed in the search field, notes written, and amount of time spent on the computer. This extra backup recovery utility will help you to easily restore lost text, which was typed yesterday, the day before yesterday, or weeks ago. By continuously using ActyMac KeystrokesWatch you will save time by preventing accidental data damage and loss.

ActyMac DutyWatch is a complex solution for computer monitoring of user activities for Mac OS X. You can use it to control the activities of employees or to watch over your children chatting on the net. Its wide functionality is equally fit for professional and private use. Even with scores of office Mac's, it's easy to know what people do during their work hours.

Screenshots Remote
Screenshot Remote allows to take screenshots of the monitor of your home computer or even of the computers which are in your office. Moreover you can do it remotely by using iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch.

VidShots Remote
ActyMac VidShots Remote comprises two functions - quick screen capturing and FaceTimeHD (iSight) camera capturing. The program is designed both for business sphere and household and thereby the circle of the users is now extended.

DutyWatch Remote    DutyWatch Remote

DutyWatch Remote
Mac OS X
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Be a Real Manager of your Office Productivity

DutyWatch Remote is a computer monitoring and recording program that is capable of capturing every software used, every website visited, every keystroke made, even every instant message chat. DutyWatch Remote is a valuable tool for protecting your computers when you aren’t watching. Download a free trial version of DutyWatch today.
You can view reports online using Safari or iPhone/iPod Touch without physically access to monitored Mac.
Its wide functionality is equally fit for professional and private use. Even with scores of office Mac's, it's easy to know what people do during their work hours. DutyWatch is completely invisible to your employees. It runs silently and unobtrusively while logging everything that happens on your employee's computers. ActyMac DutyWatch captures all keystrokes, makes periodic screen captures of employee's desktops, logs programs that are opened or closed.

Guard Business Data

You can’t hang over your employees’ shoulders every day watching everything they do on your business computers. But computers and the Internet can be used for purposes other than work and that leads to wasted time and compromised data or network systems. Employees who know their computer usage may be monitored are less likely to abuse their computer time at work. DutyWatch is like unobtrusive guardian to your business computers.
ActyMac DutyWatch runs in stealth mode, completely undetectable so it won’t interfere with how a person works on the computer. It is easy to install and requires no additional hardware. DutyWatch takes no special training to use and is compatible on both Intel and PowerPC based Mac computers with OS X.

Monitor Computer Usage

With ActyMac DutyWatch all computer activity is recorded and monitored. DutyWatch records:
  • Each user login
  • Each application used
  • Amount of time spent in each application
  • Keyboard usage
  • Exact keystrokes
  • Screenshots at user specified intervals

ActyMac DutyWatch can be customized to take screenshots at intervals from one minute to 60 minutes apart. This allows you to go back days, weeks, even months to view what was open and running on that computer.

Get Notified Remotely

DutyWatch can be set to send an email notice if a user types in a restricted word. DutyWatch helps you maintain a positive reputation for your business. By discouraging the use of inappropriate language you improve the work environment for everyone. As an option, a screenshot may be attached to the email notification.

Get Easy-to-Decipher Statistics

DutyWatch collects a lot of different information and statistics and presents it in easy-to-read, easy-to-decipher graphs and charts. The charts are interactive. Simply click on a section of the “Application Usage” pie chart or the “Sessions” graph to get the details.
On the KeyStrokes tab, entire sections of typed text can be viewed at a glance. And the Typed Stroke window is very useful for copying and pasting back into an application. View the data for a single user or several users, track the amount time spent in an application, read what the user was typing, even view actual screenshots from the users session. The user interface is simple and intuitive.
DutyWatch can help enforce the computer usage guidelines you set for your employees. It can monitor employee computer usage to diagnose where an employee may need additional training. It creates a tangible history record to trace where a breech in security may have occurred or when a certain file was accessed. DutyWatch is a peaceful, unobtrusive guardian to your business computers and data. Download a free trial version of ActyMac DutyWatch today!












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