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Employee monitoring, keylogger software, keystroke recording for Mac OS X
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Monitor all employee activity! All applications and keyboard usage, all keystrokes and visited website addresses. Get iSight shots and capture and worktime screenshots.

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How to install ActyMac DutyWatch?
What are the system requirements for ActyMAc DutyWatch?
How can I get the full version of ActyMac DutyWatch?
How can I register the trial version of ActyMac DutyWatch?
When ActyMac DutyWatch starts keystroke recording?
Where can I find keystrokes?
Where can I find screenshots which were taken?
Can I export the information from ActyMac DutyWatch?
Where can I set up the date?
Where can I set up the time period for screenshots?

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Tutorial for DutyWatch
DutyWaych presents a computer monitoring and recording tool intended to capture every desctop activity - application utilized, every web-site visited, every keystroke typed etc. This spy software reliably protects your computer in your absence due to the detailed report about application usage statistics and screenshot features.

How to DutyWatch
Tutorial for DutyWatch Outdated
You will find detailed information about DutyWatch on our website. We have posted overview texts and feature links to give you general presentation about this monitoring tool. Engaging the ability to capturing every program used, every website visited, every keystroke made, even every instant message chat DutyWatch is worked out as a reliable Mac spy software. The Gallery folder offers you to browse the screenshots that illustrate the core features of DutyWatch. To facilitate your usage of the application we have posted Tutorials and FAQ that will guide you from installation to utilization of the software.

How to DutyWatch
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Buy it for 59.95 USD




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