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Monitor all employee activity! All applications and keyboard usage, all keystrokes and visited website addresses. Get iSight shots and capture and worktime screenshots.

DutyWatch Remote
ActyMac DutyWatch Remote is a complex solution for remote computer monitoring of users activities. You can view reports online using Safari or iPhone/iPod Touch. You can use it to control the activities of employees or to watch over your children chatting on the net. Its wide functionality is equally fit for professional and private use. Even with scores of office Mac's, it's easy to know what people do during their work hours.

As a stealth monitoring and recording application KeystrokesWatch is worked out to create a digital record of keyboard activity including instant message chats, web sites manually typed in the search field, notes written, and amount of time spent on the computer. This extra backup recovery utility will help you to easily restore lost text, which was typed yesterday, the day before yesterday, or weeks ago. By continuously using ActyMac KeystrokesWatch you will save time by preventing accidental data damage and loss.

Screenshots Remote
Screenshot Remote allows to take screenshots of the monitor of your home computer or even of the computers which are in your office. Moreover you can do it remotely by using iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch.

VidShots Remote
ActyMac VidShots Remote comprises two functions - quick screen capturing and FaceTimeHD (iSight) camera capturing. The program is designed both for business sphere and household and thereby the circle of the users is now extended.

DutyWatch    DutyWatch

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DutyWaych presents a computer monitoring and recording tool intended to capture every desctop activity - application utilized, every web-site visited, every keystroke typed etc. This spy software reliably protects your computer in your absence due to the detailed report about application usage statistics and screenshot features.

1.Visit the web-page

2.Click the link to the program in your web browser

3.Click Save and download the installation file to your computer.

4.Double-click the file actymac-dutywatch.dmg and follow the instructions on your screen.

5.Restart computer.

DutyWatch daemon will be lanched automatically and will capture all data immediately after installation.



  1. Launch DutyWatchand navigate to the menu above on the screen.

  2. Choose Help and then Registration to enter your registration name and key. For that purpose copy regname and regcode from email without blanks before and after reginfo.

  3. Paste copied info to open window and press Register button. To end this operation, hit OK button.

Activating Duty Watch

After you have accomplished the installation process, you should enable DutyWatch activity on your Mac. After that our computer spy will monitor employee computers and track internet usage. For a better monitoring DutyWatch offers you to get the visual picture of computer activity with the help of screenshots set at definite period of time.

1.To start the application, select Preferences from the above DutyWatch menubar.

2. DutyWatch Preferences window displays General, Alerts and Email Settings tab.

3. Click the General tab and check Enable Data Acquisition box to allow computer monitoring. Note that by unchecking this box, you disable DutyWatch Remote's activity.

4. You may also check Enable taking screenshots and Enable iSight photo for a better security. General tab allows you to specify the interval for taking screenshots: from every minute to every hour.

Setting time period for monitoring

The first step to enable DutyWatch activity is to set the timeframes for this monitoring software spy. Thus Mac keylogger will be activated only during the time period you have specified.

1.To activate DutyWatch, you should set the time period for its monitoring activity.

2.DutyWatch displays statistics for the last 4 hours by default.

3. To set your own timeframes, choose the Time range button from the menubar above in the main window.

4. Use calendar and clock icons in the appeared window to specify the Start and End time for computer monitoring. You may view the total amount of time below. Click OK to confirm new settings.

The Refresh button at the bottom of the main window will refresh the information in the active window. Use this button when changing the Application selection or whenever you wish to refresh the window information.

Viewing Statistics in DutyWatch Application

DutyWatch serves as a perfect monitoring software for business sphere. It monitors exact keystrokes and also delivers you a comprehensive report about the employees’ computer activity. The special User activity tab displays all data captured during monitoring sessions in a form of easy-to-understand graphs and charts. DutyWatch is worked out as a reliable keystroke spy displaying the complete text typed in a special box below.

1. To launch ActyMac DutyWatch go to the Applications folder on your Mac and double-click its icon.

2. The initial ActyMac DutyWatch window displays Applications, Screenshots, Keystrokes, Keyboard Activity, Switching and UserActivity tabs.

a.The Applications tab presents the chart pie where each sector is proportional to the percentage of working time spent in a definite application.

The panel below enlists the Applications used, the Path, Active Time and Keystrokes typed. Moreover, you may take advantage of choosing the preferred color for each application by selecting an appropriate shade from the wide color palette.

b.The Screenshots tab shows the screenshots taken during the time interval set in the Preferences window (read the forth paragraph in the Duty Watch Activisation section).

The Screenshots tab also displays the Date and Time inicating the File Name. Click one of the enlisted screenshots from the table to get an enlarged image below. Hit the Full View button below to get the full-size picture in the new window.

c.The Keystrokes tab provides detailed information about the keystrokes, specifying the application, window title, the time of the keystroke session and exact keystrokes entered.

The Text column shows only the small portion of the text typed during the keystroke session. To view all the keystrokes typed in, select one application from the list and the whole text will be displayed in the special box below.

d.The Keyboard Activity tab presents the application usage statistics graphically, displaying the total amount of keystrokes typed for each application utilized.

e.The Switching tab contains a circle graph that represents what programs the user switched to. The area of each sector is proportional to the frequency of switches to a definite application.

f. The User Activity graph shows programs that were utilized on the monitored computer during the specified period of time and the amount of keystrokes typed in a particular application. For more information see chart legend below.

The height and width of the column corresponds to the amount of keystrokes typed and time period of the keystroke session. To view the additional information click one of the chart columns recognizing an application by the corresponding color. After that the side panel appears indicating the user name, the start/ end time and the total amount of symbols typed.

The side panel offers you two additional buttons:

- Show in Finder - click to find the location of the selected application on your Mac;

- Click Show Keystrokes button to view all keystrokes typed for the chosen application in the Keystrokes tab.

Exporting statistics database

DutyWatch delivers a detailed report about computer activity and empowers you to share the monitored data with your colleagues or friends. Our Mac spy software allows you to select the table fields and choose the preferred format for export.

1. In the Applications folder double click ActyMac DutyWatch icon to launch the program.

2. Click the Export button in the main DutyWatch window.

3.The appeared Selection of exported table fields window offers you to select the fields necessary to export. Clear the checkbox(es) of any fields you don’t want to export. Remember that all the fields with selected checkboxes will be exported.

4.Click the Next button to select the output format (HTML, CSV or Text format). Click the Next button again to specify the output file name and its location. Click Save when finished. DutyWatch exports the statistics database in the output format you selected to the location you indicated.

Specifying restricted words

Mac keylogger allows you to record all restricted words that happened to occur while typing. The ability to trace the usage of inappropriate language and get warning notifications help the user to discourage inappropriate language at workplace and at home. To keep track of banned words, you should:

1.Go to the Preferences from the pull-down menu and select the Alert tab.

2.Enter the new word in the field below and click + button to add it to the list or choose – button to cancel the typed word.

Getting Warning Notifications

In case the word that you have marked as banned was typed, DutyWatch notifies you about it via e-mail with a screenshot attached as an option. As a monitoring software DutyWatch offers you to set restrictions for language use and get its confirmation immediately.

1.To enable notifications, open the DutyWatch Preferences window (go to the DutyWatch pull-down menu and select Preferences).

2.Choose the Alerts tab and check the corresponding boxes to enable attaching screenshots and notifications.

Warnings will use the Growl! Program to flash a warning on the screen when specified words are typed. If Growl! is not installed, KeyBag will automatically prompt you to install Growl! the first time a specified word is typed.

3.In the DutyWatch Prefernces window choose the Email Settings tab to indicate the Target Email address, SMTP server name and Port, source email address as well as Login and Password. To get screenshots attached to the email-notifications, tick off the Attach alert screenshots function above.

Clearing the DutyWatch database

Due to the Time range button this monitoring and recording tool enables you to capture information during the specified time period. However, you may regulate timeframes manually at will.

1.To set the time period for storing DutyWatch database, select the Preferences from the DutyWatch pull-down menu.

2. Select the General tab in the active window. From the drop-down list choose an alternate frequency (from 1 to 12 months) for clearing all data in the DutyWatch database.

3.To delete all data in the database immediately, select Database Cleanup Now button.













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