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Monitor all employee activity! All applications and keyboard usage, all keystrokes and visited website addresses, iSight capture and worktime ScreenShots

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Screenshots Remote 1.0Screenshots Remote 1.0

Screenshots Remote 1.0 Screenshot Remote allows to take screenshots of the monitor of your home computer or even of the computers which are in your office. Moreover you can do it remotely by using iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch.

Screenshots Remote 1.0 Download Screenshots Remote 1.0 Registration keys for Screenshots Remote 1.0

FSSpy 1.0FSSpy 1.0

FSSpy 1.0 FSSpy monitors and displays file system activity on a system in real-time. The tool allows to control how applications use the files and track down problems in system or application file configurations.

FSSpy provides detailed information about each operation running on a computer: name of application that uses the file, user's name, path to the file, type of operation, date.

FSSpy 1.0 Download FSSpy 1.0 Registration keys for FSSpy 1.0





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